Jersey City Ford: Where Customer Service Goes to Die

jcfOur experience with Jersey City Ford has been nothing short of Hellish.

We found a car we were interested in through and made an appointment to visit the dealership.When we arrived, after having us wait a fair amount of time, we were told that it had “just sold.” We were then shown other models. Classic bait and switch.

After a few hours at the dealership, and A LOT OF negotiating, we chose a new vehicle that had all of the features we were looking for and at a price very similar to what the used car we had come for had been selling for. We felt successful!

Then the pain began.

It took over three weeks of constant back and forth with the dealership to get ANY information regarding our plates, title, and registration. Our temporary tags expired and we kept getting the runaround from their team. Each time we would call to ask about our plates they would say they needed one more piece of information to finalize our paperwork. HOW DID THEY NOT KNOW WHAT THEY NEEDED WHEN WE WERE THERE?

Then the service call happened. Alexis from their service department called to say that our remote starter kit was there and ready for installation at no charge… it was part of our package. I asked her to confirm that there would be no charge and she did. Then she scheduled me for a 1:30pm appointment on a Monday afternoon. I arrived and the service staff were perplexed even though my name and appointment were listed on the dry erase board in the service center. They asked me to go speak to one of the business reps in the offices in the back of the service center. After 15 minutes of waiting for one of them to become available, a man took me into his office and pulled up my work order. He was confused as well and asked his colleague, an older woman, to look it over. “Why is he here for this now?” she asked. “I’m not sure,” he replied. I asked if everything was ok and he said it was fine and told me they’d have my car done shortly and I could wait in the lounge.

Two hours later he comes to the lounge to tell me that they cannot work on my car today because they are “too busy.” I was furious. I had taken the day off to deal with this, coming from Brooklyn to Jersey City, wasting several hours only to be told they were “too busy!”

For a week I tried calling Alexis and only got her voicemail and no response. I finally got her to pick up and she told me that the staff that works on remote starters is an “outside team” and they only work Monday through Friday from 9am to 12noon. I asked WHY she had scheduled me for 1:30pm. She had no answer. I asked to speak to her supervisor because during our call she could offer me no solution, as I could not take another day out of my schedule to deal with this.I never received a response from her supervisor.

Instead, in an unrelated email exchange with our sales person, I was given one of the manager’s email address and wrote to her directly. She apologized about the situation and asked what they could do to fix the problem. Since it would be difficult for me to find time to spend the day in Jersey City again, she offered to have the car picked up, the remote starter installed, and returned to us. I asked what the timeframe would be as we are in the middle of prepping for a wedding and an out-of-state move in the next two weeks. This was one week ago. She said she would check the schedule on Monday (this past Monday) and let me know that day.

I didn’t hear from her. When I contacted her to find out what was going on as we need to make plans, she replied Tuesday saying “I will be at the store by 10 and contact you asap” and SHOCKINGLY we received NO FURTHER CONTACT from her.

Today I wrote directly to the General Manager letting him know that I, much to my dismay, would be bringing the car in myself on Friday at 10am and expect to have the remote starter installation completed without any problems.

Do yourself a favor and AVOID this dealership at all cost. There are plenty of other places that are happy to take your money and treat you with decency and respect!

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Jersey City Ford: Where Customer Service Goes to Die

    • Thanks! I’ll know soon. Finally got a call shortly after posting this and am scheduled for installation this Friday. I’ll update soon after!

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