The Fallacy and Hypocrisy of the Anti-Equality Crusaders


On Twitter, a barrage of misinformation has been flowing from the feeds of anti-equality crusaders under the guise of “saving traditional marriage.”

One such proponent is Karen L. Gruber who you may know as the woman who complained about two men getting married on the AIDS Healthcare Foundation Rose Parade Float.  Now she has her bigotry set on Indiana.


Note that Karen, who, if you read through her Twitter posts, cries out when someone calls her an untoward name, immediately replies to @esd2000 with “‘Obama supporter’ = socialist bully.”  She’s quite the class act and quite the hypocrite.  She’s bullying someone in the very act of calling them a bully.  On December 30th, in the midst of her Rose Parade heyday, she insists that she has the right to determine what she is and is not exposed to saying, “Yes, I do. Bullying, people drinking too much, smoking around their kids.”


Keep all of this in mind as you note what Karen Grube DOES support.  Note this screencap which shows that Karen liked Brian Smiley’s Facebook post which reads, “This is why we need term limits on sick, sold out * now the best money can buy supreme court, We need people with honor and people who will uphold the constitution as it is writen [sic] not as the faggot liberals & niggers want it read…”


This is liked by a woman who routinely posts anti-LGBT vitriol in the name of her Christian faith.

She also claims that lawsuits are denying business owners freedom of religion.  I assume she is referring to cases like that of David Mullins and Charlie Craig and the ACLU against Denver, Colorado’s Masterpiece Cakeshop.  See, Colorado law prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodation based on actual or perceived sexual orientation.  Twenty-one states (including Karen’s home state of California) plus the District of Columbia have laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity in public accommodations.  If you live in one of those 22 locations and don’t want to serve everyone, you are, discriminating and breaking the law.  Karen thinks this is unfair and that businesses should get to turn away people who they believe are second class citizens.  Anyone else remember the Jim Crow laws?


Obviously Karen doesn’t get it how the public accommodation law works. First, no one should be discriminated against. Second, if you want to have a hateful church and tell people they can’t join, by all means, go for it! But, in these 21 states and D.C., if you operate a public business selling cakes, t-shirts, jewelry, crock pots, rocking chairs, latch-hook rugs, etc. AND discriminate against a group of people based on your religion?  Not gonna happen.

She then follows this up with:


We’re back to the Jim Crow laws.  She says, “Most Black Americans don’t even believe that nonsense.”  WHAT? She’s either comparing “the right to discriminate against LGBT people based on your religion” with pre-Civil Rights discrimination against African-Americans… or she’s saying the African-American don’t believe in discrimination. Either way, she’s wrong.

Trying to make a point about her flawed argument, @NotGayDalek asked Karen, “Maybe we should vote on a woman’s right to vote next. Anyone? Anyone?”


Karen fired back, “Don’t ever compare women’s suffrage to this pitiful push for ssm. #HJR3”  Because comparing one minority’s fight for equal treatment with another minority’s fight for equal treatment is wrong? The responses perfectly clarify Karen’s rationale, “Equal rights for those only who I feel deserving” and “Only some rights for some people.”

Karen has made her point clear.  She will “speak out against tyranny of the minority.”  (This is one of her favorite war cries.)  And I say let her speak… Freedom of Speech and all.  The more she speaks, the weaker her argument gets. The more she demands discrimination, the farther onto the wrong side of history she’ll sit.  Whether she will admit it or not, Karen is a bigot.

In the end, she never answered my question, “How does any of this effect you?”

The answer?  It doesn’t.  When I marry my partner, Karen’s life will not change.  Karen’s marriage (assuming she’s married) will not change.  And, sadly, Karen’s bigoted and racists beliefs will likely not change.  I only hope that the generations that have come after Karen continue to grow up in a loving world that embraces all people (even the Karens).

BONUS: This isn’t about Karen, but Jim Bopp, a similar anti-LGBT, anti-equality pundit, told the following to the attendees of the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing:

“Even more troubling though was an argument made by one who said that the simple debate on the marriage amendment will do the damage. Well, what does that tell you? That there are some people that are so intolerant of other people’s views that a simple debate…”

He barely gets past “so intolerant of other people’s views” when the audience breaks into uproarious laughter.  This is tantamount to a child saying “You’re being mean to me because I’m mean to you.”  Again, hypocrisy in action.

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