Today is World Cancer Day; What’s Your Story?

ImageToday is World Cancer Day. The Lustgartsen Foundation, whose mission is to advance the scientific and medical research related to the diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of pancreatic cancer, asks that you share your story as to why you fight, today on Facebook.

If we are close friends you may know that my family and I have been deeply affected by pancreatic cancer.  Both my mother and my grandfather (her dad) were taken from this world by this terrible disease.  What you may not know is that pancreatic cancer is the nation’s fourth leading cause of cancer deaths, and that it’s low survival rate has not improved in 25 years.

Research holds the key to finding better treatments and a cure.  That’s why I have joined forces with The Lustgarten Foundation.  As the nation’s largest private supporter of pancreatic cancer research, The Lustgarten Foundation understands that research is our best weapon in the fight.

Thanks to a commitment by Cablevision to underwrite the Foundation’s administrative expenses, 100% of every dollar donated to the Foundation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.

The Foundation has created “Five Most Important Things to Know About Pancreatic Cancer” which everyone should read.

ImageSo, let’s give patients a fighting chance.  Please help me raise funds by sponsoring me in the 2013 NYC Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk.  So far I’m 12% of the way to my goal of $1300.00.  Any amount you can contribute will be GREATLY appreciated and will go, 100%, to the Foundation for their ongoing research.  Visit my personal PCR Walk page here and help me make a difference.

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