>Attack of the Meth Mouth – and finding another awesome blog

>My friend Patty sent me the link to hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com with the edict “Read this now, pee your pants from laughing and call me after.”  I fell apart reading this post about responsibility and success/failure at being an adult.  It’s like the author, Allie, is in my brain.  And then I started browsing other posts and found “The Awkward Situation Survival Guide.” In it I came across this picture (Allie’s artwork) which made me laugh even harder because of the real-life adventure that Patty and I shared which the artwork so succinctly reflected.

I sent it to Patty with the following caption:

awkward close talker.png

Panel 1: Patty is having fun laughing with Tommy who is off-panel.  Uh oh, a stranger (let’s call him Meth Mouth) approaches.
Panel 2: “I want to know your name.”
Panel 3: Patty is no longer having fun.  Tommy is still off-panel but is now silenced due to the emotional shock suffered by this full-on assault on Patty’s personal bubble by Meth Mouth.
See, here’s the deal.  We were on a Gay Harbor Cruise in NYC (don’t ask) and were having a pretty good time at our table… mostly mocking the absurdity of the evening and gawking at the ridiculousness of men over 45 wearing cut-off, rolled up jean shorts and body glitter.
We’re laughing having the best time on this self-inflicted harbor hostage situation when suddenly this sweaty drug addict shimmies up behind her, licks her face and, in a stage whisper, says “I want to know your name.”
Patty freezes… eyes bulging in that “I-swear-to-God-if-you-don’t-correct-this-situation-I’m-going-to-throw-you-off-the-port-side” kind of way.  Alas I was frozen – traumatized by the events unfolding.  Patty, gaining no help from me, reacts, “No you don’t.”  Meth Mouth is distraught and persists but Patty manages to lean just far enough out of his field of vision that, like a dinosaur, he can no longer see her and sets his sites on another unsuspecting victim.
So, this comic strip perfectly summed up what took me 200 words to express. Check out her other posts by visiting hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com
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