The rootkit of all evil…

Well, it was bound to happen. Sony went and infiltrated our deepest darkest secrets by forcing software onto our computers and then leaving the kitchen door open so that the pesky kids from down the street can get in and mess things all to hell. And what do Americans do best? We SUE!

Technically, the State of Texas is filing a civil lawsuit against the entertainment-megacorp because “several of the company’s music compact discs require customers to download Sony’s media players if they want to listen to the CDs on a computer.”Wierd, hasn’t Microsoft been forcing us to do that all along with Media Player?

Anyhow, I do wonder what this means for Celine Dion’s Vegas show… after all, she’s the Canadian stepchild of Sony entertainment. Everyone out there who weeps over “Love Can Move Mountains” on their PC is now vulnerable to hacker attacks. And trust me… hackers are more than happy to futz with anyone who claims to be a Celine Dion fan. Father down the line of course is that bad PR this could cause for the Playstation 3 (scheduled to come out sometime between now and 2015). With the PS3 being capable of connecting online, what else can Sony do to sneak into your home?

Hmm… Scooby Doo, where are you? We’ve got some work to do now!

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